The 1st Asian Advanced Musculoskeletal Modelling Workshop

Srinakharinwirot University Computer Center, Bangkok, Thailand

18-22 November 2019

Monday 18/11/2019

Kinematics And Mocap

  • A basic introduction to modelling and anyscript
  • Degrees of freedom and constraints
  • Orientations in 3D
  • Open and closed chains
  • Forward and inverse kinematics
  • The Cartesian formulation
  • Defining and analyzing simple kinematic models in AnyBody
  • Working with motion capture data
  • AnyMocap : Working with C3D Data

Tuesday 19/11/2019


  • Dynamic equilibrium equations
  • Forward and inverse dynamics
  • Statically determinate and indeterminate systems
  • Simple kinetic analysis in AnyBody
  • Muscle models
  • Muscle recruitment
  • Definition and analysis of simple muscle systems in AnyBody

Wednesday 20/11/2019

Modeling outside the lab for sports

  • IMUs – Xsens introduction
  • Kinematics with IMU data
  • Kinetics with IMU data + Ground reaction force predictions





Thursday 21/11/2019

Scaling Technique

  • Basic scaling techniques
  • Subject-specific modeling
    • Medical imaging
    • Strength scaling

Validation and verification


  • Direct and indirect methods
  • Validation metrics
  • Trend validation


Friday 22/11/2019

Analysis and design of sports equipment

  • Conceptual sports equipment development and optimization
  • Examples